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San Sebastian, Spain

Today we are off to San Sebastian, Spain (only a few miles away). I wish you were all here to share our trip and hope you all have a wonderful fourth of Juliette. Adios y au revoir, Jennifer San Sebastian-is a bustling ciudad. Riding to the city we passed through small cities and suburbs consisting of mostly unattractive block style high-rise apartments, many whose walls are covered in graffiti. It looks as if frustration among the people is high here. You would not think you are in Spain, but rather in New York or perhaps even Sacramento on highway 99 along the freeway wall. Here we are on the train following the protective wall between these high-rises and the train. From the balconies hang the Basque flag of independence. The Basques have been trying to gain independence from France and Spain for centuries. Their language is one of the oldest and has been spoken continuously since Neolithic times. In these border towns the directional signs are written in Spanish, Basque, and Fren

St. Jean de Luz July 1

The trip through central France is farm country with fields of wheat and sunflowers between small villages and towns. I’ve seen no vineyards yet. We pass houses with tiled roofs and white stucco walls. St. Jean de Luz-Juliette 1 This little town hugs the coastlines. It has a beautiful long sandy beach. Our apartment is 2 blocks from the beach and very comfortable. It has 2 separate sleeping rooms, a kitchenette, plenty of light, is on the 2nd floor, and has a small terrace with a table and chairs. The windows are all French style windows. We have a long oak table with rattan chairs in the dining area and a large carved armoire. All this for 33 Euros each a day. As it doesn’t get dark here until 10pm we went to the beach late in the afternoon. Most of the young women sit topless on their towels and the older ladies lay down topless (like me, are more modest). I went to the marche this morning and bought empanadas with pomme de terre and champignone (mushrooms). I may have misspell