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Here is a first installment from my Baby Boomer Blues Memoire Series I'm working on.

Jack-a-lantern Smile by Jennifer O’Neill Pickering                     The receptionist at the front desk assured me I had 100% dental coverage for all the procedures the oral surgeon, I’d never met, would perform that day. This information improved my caffeine deprived headache--- a little. I sat down, flipped through a People magazine wondering what the rich and famous were up to (besides their perfect sets of teeth).  The weeks feature story was a photo essay on the progress of Princess Kate’s “baby bump.” Just look at her set of pearly whites!             A twenty something male technician, named Jimmy, called my name, and led me to the surgery room, where he explained the step-by-step procedures they’d be performing. After the third or fourth step Jimmy’s lips continued to move without me hearing any sounds. “We need to take an X-ray first,” he said gleefully.            The X-ray was a 3-D digital machine that circles your head and doesn’t involve sticking card board i