Jennifer's Artwork

Me at the entrance to my studio
My biggest Fan, Coco
daughter,  Aubrey and friends at my 2017 Studio Tour

Water Colors

Amaryllis, nfs, this appears on the cover of
my book, Blooming In Winter

Summer Goddess (also Summer Garden Spirit), 19x19 diameter, 600.00

Picasso Gets His Portrait Done (sold)

Raven or Crow Goddess, 19x19 diameter

Three Faces,7.5x 3 inches

Calla Lilies From My Garden,11x19 inch. 900.00
Raven or Crow Goddess, 19x19 diameter (sold)

Young Woman with Red Bird (sold)
other items here

Women with Sunflowers, various sizes
prints available

Digital Collage/Photography

Oak Tree Spirits (prints available 2/10) 50.00 each

Barn at Cache Creek, Photograph

In a Sudden Wind, photo collage
Roots, photography
Barn and Oak at Cache Creek,

For Inquires regarding my art: Jennifer O'Neill Pickering


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