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Here goes me, why I write: I was in junior high when my best girl friend's brother, home from college on holiday gave me a book by Kierkegaart and said, "here, read this and tell me what you think at Christmas break". 
I was smitten, and set out copying all of the unfamiliar words in a note book as I read. I don't recall understanding one bit of what I read but I learned many new words. 
On my own I'd try using these new words  in sentences and pretty soon I was writing poetry which of course I never shared with anyone until much later. One line from an early poem comes to mind, "and you and I are walking in the forest munching a carrot." 
By Ann Privateer
A CARROT    Feb. 28, 2012
—Ann Privateer, Davis
a carrot found
in the street
Oh Dear.
fully grown
green lacy leaves
feather above
but alas
it's yellow
not orange
discarded, I think
I'll take it
scrub it
then eat
this unusual strain
to see
what magic
will be imparted
on me.

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