Sunday, May 17, 2015

May 30th Closing Reception & Artist Talk Also See the Poetry From Poetry Night

She: Images of the Goddess includes 24 works of art including watercolors, sculpture, mixed media, charcoal and digital collage. Please join me for a closing Reception 5-8 p.m. and ”Art Talk” at 6 p.m. I will be discussing Goddess symbolism in my artwork, materials, techniques and process. Find out how this stuff is made!

Enjoy original music by Gabe Merriman and refreshments.   

LOCATION: The Brickhouse Gallery, 2837 36th Street,  

Sacramento, CA 95817,  916-475-1240.

TIME: Doors open at 5 p.m. close 8p.m.  Art Talk at 6 p.m.

DATE: May 30th Closing Reception

Poetry From May 14th

Martha Ann Blackman, Wendy Williams, Marilyn Price, Anna Marie, Tim McHargue, Liz Ochoa, Jeremy Greene, Stan Zumbiel, Mike Pickering, William Laws and myself read ekphrasis poetry inspired by my art show She: Images of the Goddess and or poems inspired by the Goddess. The audience and poets formed a large circle for the sharing of the poetry.
Dream,  watercolor by Jennifer O'Neill Pickering
 with Marta standing next to the painting at the Brickhouse Gallery 

Dream Blue, by Martha Ann Blackman

As with each of us,

this face is two people,

one on the left,

one on the right.

There is transparency

in the face,

in the sheerness

of the light,

in the touch of the hand

to the cheek.

Doves seal their kiss

with flowers

and flowers float.

She questions the love,

but does not doubt it.

Her arms are open,

her hips wide.

She is wearing her heart,

he is wearing his.

Her breasts are ripe,

the star on her shoulder

is her spark.

The Goddess as Art, by Martha Ann Blackman
(for Jennifer O’Neill Pickering)                     

In Spring, in Fall,
in Summer, in Winter,
the Goddess is flying
with the crow
over the river.

The flight is a dream,
totem of power and strength.

A Woman with Sunflowers
is falling into the digital
collage print of
the Tuscany Madonna.

Drawings of the Cave Goddess
and River Goddess are on the rocks.

Lady Spring, Moon Goddess,
holds the Talking Stick,
The Gold, Sienna, and Indigo.

Venus surfaces in Willendorf,
with a scroll for the Three Sisters.
She is nude, an Artist Muse.

She is me and she is you.

Scroll down for more poetry.

River Goddess, watercolor by Jennifer O'Neill Pickering
 with Marilyn shown next to the painting at the Brickhouse Gallery 

River Goddess, by Marilyn Price

she gathered the acorns of strength
pounded them to dust
fine enough to powder her skin
when leached then steamed 
as fine a meal as Eden had

she fell asleep and her belly
knotted into a core, her trunk thickened
her hands reached to the sky
her fingernails buds swayed in the wind
her hair graceful oak leaves

her feet planted and she felt her roots
reach to the water and she was river
river flowing river greening the earth
the earth that was her the river that she was

the sky moving in her leaves



Crow or Raven Goddess  watercolor by Jennifer O'Neill Pickering
 with Wendy standing next to the painting at the Brickhouse Gallery. 

Mandala Goddess, by Wendy Patrice Williams


A woman of many colors looks into my eyes,

a halo over her head,

a smaller face emerging in profile

from the side of her skull—ancient


Across her chest

snake with forked tongue

slithering among lilies or daisies

A raven perched on her shoulder, berries

in its beak, two small blue birds perch

on a large leaf

growing up from her shoulder

She is of earth

its blue-green waters

and rosy mountains

Without nature—

stems, moons, crawlers, winged ones

she would not exist, would wander

across a barren landscape—anomie


But no, half her face peach, half doe-brown,

she is in the center of the circle, goddess

of this new generation, looking forward,

looking back.

Face with Sunflower by Marilyn Price

i am that i am 
the eye of the sun
the eye of the smile
the flower with the eye that
welcomes the sun
smiles at the sun
like the face of the woman
who gleams at the sun

i am the i am
that is the sun
that smiles on the flower
with the eye of a smile
like the eyes of the woman
who smiles at the flower
that smiles at the sun

i am the i am
the woman who waits 
for the sun to awaken 
to smile on the flower
who gathers the flowers
with her eyes wide and smiling
i am the i am

Goddess Helianthus by Sharon Mahany

Exalted, sunflower-tall, she emerges.

She, with face swiped in colors of patriotism

looks beyond their ovate leafy appeal

to lift high and blend blue

past the face of her former fading self,

throwing brilliant sunny promises aside.

She turns east to shower seed.

Each quatrain of seed yields another bushel of seed,

looks beyond ideals of others

to lift high and blend blue, plucking

one last rosette to bend behind her ear.

After painting by Jennifer Pickering O’Neill


            The Balinese blessing girl walks silently along the path
by my bungalow each morning.  She cradles a woven basket of
offerings to Krishna, the Hindu god.  The large flat basket
contains small, colorful flowers, folded palm leaves, clumps
of cooked white rice and lighted sticks of incense.
            Every ten feet she pauses, kneels down gracefully and
chooses an assortment of these items to place on tiny woven
mats along the path, in the garden and near the pond.  She
arranges the offering with delicate fingers and waves
her hand in a gentle swaying motion above the offering.
            The young woman wears a sarong, with a large cloth
belt wrapped around her waist.  She has a yellow flower in
her long dark hair, which is pulled back in a tight braid.
She walks silently, like a dream, propelled by the hint of a
breeze.  She is serene, focused and calm in her mission.
            I am awed by her ritual.  It is a pleasing ceremony and
evokes a calming sensation; watching the deliberate, graceful
movement of this Balinese beauty is like watching a poem
or a prayer.
            Then, leaving a trail of wispy incense, she disappears,
changing into Levi's and a T-shirt.  She carries her supplies
in a plastic grocery bag and she straps on a motorcycle
helmet.  Soon she mounts a moped and putters rapidly into
the mainstream of the rest of the world.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

I hope you will stop by my Art Reception May 9th, 3-6pm, 2nd Saturday at the Brickhouse Gallery. The show consists of mixed media work and water colors of Goddess images.  The  Brickhouse Gallery is in Oak Park, at  2837 36th St.and (kitty corner to the Oak Park Brewery). There is also, another gallery nearby, Patris Studio.

I have many new works using a variety of techniques and materials.
Master Guitarist, George Sheldon will be on hand with his lovely interpretations of world music and his own. Mike Pickering may also, play new songs too!

On May 15, Ekphrasis Poetry Night with  a reading by poets who have writen poetry from the art show-6:30-8pm (see poetry posted here afterwards). 

On May 30, from 5-8pm Closing Reception I will be giving an artist talk about my art process, techniques and Goddess symbolism, also at the gallery and hopefully a mini demo.

I look forward seeing you! Jennifer O'Neill
Pickering Gallery ph.475-1240
Crow or Raven Goddess

Goddess for Venus of Willendorf
Moon Goddess
Winter Goddess

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Sable & Quill Art Exhibit & Reading

 Join Cynthia Linville Jennifer O’Neill Pickering, Bethanie Humphreys, Tim McHargue, Wendy Williams, William Laws, Caitlin Pegar and Connie Gutowsky at the Sable & Quill, for an evening of spoken word and visual art. The Second Saturday Sable and Quill art exhibit showcases visual art created by writers and a reading of their written work. Virtuoso guitarist, George Sheldon Gabe Merriman and singer/songwriter Mike Pickering provide original music. The event is free, but donations are appreciated and support the Sacramento Poetry Center.

Artist Reception January 10, 2015, 5-7:30p.m with music by guitarist George Sheldon 5-6p.m. and electronic keyboardist Gabe Merriman 6-7p.m.

Reading 7:30-9:00 p.m. with music by singer/songwriter Mike Pickering

Location: Poets’ Gallery, the Sacramento Poetry Center, 1719 25th Street (25th between Q & R). Contact: 916-240-1897 or Jennifer O’Neill Pickering

Show runs through January 30, 2015 view art every Monday night 7-9pm.